City Flavor 1

“City Flavor 1″ – EP with beats and electro-spiced downtempo. 3 producers (1x Austria: Chronotpimist, 2x Poland: The Night and Karel Craft) present 6 tracks in different flavors: from hypnotic, via energetic to more moody. Bitter-sweet sounds!



(.zip, 58.5mb, mp3 320kbps, press info)


Album opens Dend – a track with funky electro feeling, definitely giving positive energy.
Track Degrade is more on the other, “dark side” – we promise head nodding to crazy beat and huge bass.
Time to wake up totally relaxed, along with First Light. Perfect atmosphere, isn’t it?
Psyche’s intro says it all – “All human minds are open to being taught, manipulated, indoctrinated, tricked. That’s how we humans are”.
Track Dusty Paine is best described as bitter-sweet glitch beat. It’s like a dish you never tried before.
Anyone for Basket Jam? I’ll show you how it should be done. DJ – spin that beat and let’s play, guys.
And for the album’s final a little Yummy and Crispy bonus.

City Flavor 1 – BTBR002 – free download by Bake The Break


1.Chronotpimist – Dend 3:13
2.Karel Craft – Degrade 3:50
3.The Night – First Light 4:27
4.Karel Craft – Psyche 3:42
5.Chronotpimist – Dusty Paine 4:05
6.Karel Craft – Basket Jam 1:41 – Yummy and Crispy 0:17

single mp3 download via Soundcloud – click icon

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  1. 10/08/2011 at 4:57 pm

    [...] It’s official – our first two albums are online. For those who want links right now – its The Urban Bakery 1 and City Flavor 1. [...]

  2. 05/09/2011 at 9:07 pm

    [...] Various Artists – City Flavor 1 Genre: Downtempo, beats Label: Bake The Break [...]

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